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Instructor-led Courses

This is Part I of a three part program that will train both men and women to become entry-level barbers. It will take roughly one year to complete the 1528 hours required by the NC State Barber Board. Topics include theory and lab experience to prepare for the NC State Board Licensure Examination. See course materials section below for additional cost of textbooks, barber kit and uniform. 

By enrolling in the program, you are making a commitment to attend class and to be on time.  If a student is absent more than 30 hours they will be suspended for that term. 

For class availability and additional questions please call 910-678-0033 or 910-678-0032.

Please make sure to use a working email address and phone number when registering so that you are assured to receive important information.

Classes begin August 19, 2024 register now!


NC State Board requires each student to have a permit before starting class. The cost of the permit is $25.00 which is included in the registration fee.

Registration fee for Part II and Part III will be $180 each. This fee will be due a month prior to the scheduled start date.

High School Diploma or GED

INSTRUCTOR: Christopher Parker

Start Date
Select Class
August 19, 2024 Mon-Thurs Fri 8am-5pm 8am-12pm CEC 150 $205.00

Refund & Enrollment Policy


Refund Policy

The refund policy for Fayetteville Technical Community College's Continuing Education Division was established by the North Carolina Department of Community Colleges, Raleigh on October 15, 1993. The full refund policy is listed in the NC Administrative Code 23NCAC.2D.0203 (d) Brief Statement of Policy:
  1. A pre-registered extension student who officially withdraws from an extension class(es) prior to the first meeting of the class (should be 24 hours prior) will be eligible for a 100 percent refund by completing an official request form.
  2. The refund will be 75 percent if requested prior to the 10 percent date of the class(es) meeting.
  3. No refunds will be given after 10 percent of class meetings.

Enrollment Policy

Enrollment for a course will end a week prior to the course start date. 
For example:

Course Start Date: Wednesday, January 15th, 2014 
Enrollment Deadline: Wednesday, January 8th, 2014

Computer & Course Materials Requirements

Book Cost: $325.28 plus tax (approximate)

Barbering Kit Cost: $527.51 plus tax (approximate)

Uniform Cost: $38.59-$40.99 plus tax (Dependent on size ordered)

                                   Black Dress Pants

                                   White Button-up Dress Shirt (Long or short sleeve)

                                   Black Tie, Shoes and Socks (Shoes must be ALL Black, no laces)

Prices are  approximate and subject to change.


Computer Requirements

CREDENTIAL INFORMATION: The Barber Training program prepares students for the North Carolina Board of Barber Examiners Licensure Exam. The Barber Licensure is valid in North Carolina.