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In today's fast-paced marketplace, social media is essential to marketing and branding efforts! Businesses, non-profit organizations, marketing managers, and self-employed individuals can quickly find their marketing efforts failing to produce intended results if social media is not included in a marketing campaign. Understanding how to leverage social media tools is an important skill to have and one that is in high demand. This sixteen week, online course is designed for those individuals who are interested in social media management and how it can enhance their online presence and customer service using tools such as Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google+. This course is project-based and provides hands-on experience with creating social media campaigns for products and events. This course is ideally suited for learners who are new to social media or who are looking to enhance their understanding of how and why social media can benefit an organization's reach and impact. The projects completed in this course can be tailored to the specific interests or needs of the students taking this course.




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Refund & Enrollment Policy


Refund Policy

The refund policy for Fayetteville Technical Community College's Continuing Education Division was established by the North Carolina Department of Community Colleges, Raleigh on October 15, 1993. The full refund policy is listed in the NC Administrative Code 23NCAC.2D.0203 (d) Brief Statement of Policy:

  1. A pre-registered extension student who officially withdraws from an extension class(es) prior to the first meeting of the class (should be 24 hours prior) will be eligible for a 100-percent refund by completing an official request form.
  2. The refund will be 75 percent if requested prior to the 10-percent date of the class(es) meeting.
  3. No refunds will be given after 10-percent of class meetings.

Enrollment Policy

Registration can be achieved through the Learn FTCC website. When you submit your completed registration, you will receive an e-mailed receipt.

Pre-registration is required by 5:00 p.m. one week prior to the course start date.


Computer Requirements

Desktop Personal Computer (PC) or Laptop

*Please Note: This course is project-based with significant interactive assignments. This course cannot be completed with only an iPad/tablet or iPhone/smart phone.

Reliable Internet Access

Personal Email Account and Reliable Access


One of the following browsers:

Mozilla Firefox

Internet Explorer (9.0 or above)

Google Chrome



Adobe PDF  plug-in (a free download obtained at Adobe.com .)