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Web Graphics/Multimedia and Web Page Design Courses


Take your Adobe Flash skills to the next level to create more sophisticated and powerful Flash applications.

You'll start by examining the ever-versatile Movie Clip symbol, using it to create Flash content—animations and special effects—inside other Flash content. Then you'll dive deep into ActionScript so you can to turn your simple SWFs into epic Flash masterpieces. For example, you'll learn how to write a single script that controls hundreds, even thousands, of objects based on user input.

You'll also learn the advanced ActionScript techniques you'll need to take control of the user's cursor and how to extend Flash's capabilities with external ActionScript Class files. External ActionScript files also allow you to use the same scripts across multiple SWFs, as well as create SWFs that load and interact with other SWFs—the secret to creating in-depth, multifaceted Flash applications.

But this course is not just about programming. You'll also learn high-end Motion Editor skills for creating sophisticated transitions and other animated effects. We'll delve deep into advanced Bone tool features that make your IK bones appear more life-like, as well as the Deco tool, Spray Brush tool, Layer Masks, Onion Skins, and other advanced techniques for creating professional-grade graphics and animations.

No intermediate Flash course would be complete without lessons on using ActionScript for developing user-interactive courses, surveys, and quizzes—scripts that make decisions, count and keep track of user choices, and then tally up and report the results. In this course you'll learn to compose ActionScripts indispensible to creating these kinds of sophisticated applications.

You'll also see how to incorporate all types of content from external applications, such as graphics editors and word processors. We'll try out Edge Animate, Adobe's new no-scripting HTML5-, CSS3-, and JavaScript-based utility for creating user interfaces and animations. We'll wrap up with an examination of Adobe AIR, which allows you to create full-blown desktop applications that install and interact with computer operating systems just like traditional computer programs.

In each lesson, you'll find practical, hands-on activities that allow you to practice the skills you're learning. When you finish this course, you'll know more than enough to confidently market yourself as a Flash designer.


Fayetteville Technical Community College (FTCC) offers eight-week online courses that provide education and training in a variety of occupational areas! The courses are designed by a team of professionals from each respective field who work to provide you with an effective web-based learning experience. Prior to your course start date, you will receive a reminder e-mail that includes instructions on how to access the classroom website. Courses are hosted on ed2go's learning management system (LMS). Each program includes a set of lessons/modules and evaluations.

Artistic ability is not required, just a desire to be creative.


Start Date
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February 12, 2020 $70.00
March 18, 2020 $70.00
April 15, 2020 $70.00
May 13, 2020 $70.00

Refund & Enrollment Policy


Refund Policy

The refund policy for Fayetteville Technical Community College's Continuing Education Division was established by the North Carolina Department of Community Colleges, Raleigh on October 15, 1993. The full refund policy is listed in the NC Administrative Code 23NCAC.2D.0203 (d) Brief Statement of Policy:

  1. A pre-registered extension student who officially withdraws from an extension class(es) prior to the first meeting of the class (should be 24 hours prior) will be eligible for a 100-percent refund by completing an official request form.
  2. The refund will be 75 percent if requested prior to the 10-percent date of the class(es) meeting.
  3. No refunds will be given after 10-percent of class meetings.

Enrollment Policy

Deadline for registration is 5:00 P.M. (EST) Wednesday, a week before the course begins.

*Please Note*

  1. To be officially enrolled in a course, students MUST log on and complete Quiz 1 by the first Friday of a course.
  2. To receive a passing grade for the course, students MUST complete 9 out of 12 quizzes and pass the final exam with a grade of a 70 or better. Failure to meet both requirements will result in a grade of "U" or unsatisfactory.

Accessing your course classroom:

  1. Please visit www.ed2go.com/ftcc.
  2. Double-check your receipt to make sure that you choose the correct course title and date!
  3. Once the home page pulls up, please type the course name into the “"Search Catalog"” bar at the top of the screen and press enter.
  4. When the course description pulls up, please click the red “"Add to Cart"” button.
  5. Choose your course date from the listing of dates in the "Session Date" drop down menu, and select the “"Continue to Checkout”" button.
  6. On the next page, if you are a returning student, please enter your e-mail address and password in the appropriate fields. At that point, continue through the steps until you reach the "Checkout" page.
  7. If you have never taken an Ed2Go course before, please create a username and password by clicking the link for new students. After creating your username and password, continue through the steps until you reach the "Checkout" page.
  8. Please click the "Checkout" button.
  9. After clicking the "Checkout" button, you will be taken to a page where you will read through the registration and payment information.
  10. If you have already registered and paid your registration fee on the Learn FTCC website, you will not need to make a payment for your course. At that time, please click on the "Enter My Classroom" button.
  11. If you have not registered and paid your registration fee on the Learn FTCC website, you will be directed to the Learn FTCC website to register and pay your registration fee. Afterwards, please click on the "Enter My Classroom" button.
  12. On the next page, please click the "Orientation" button on the next page and complete it.
  13. Write down your username and password in a safe location!
  14. On the start date of your course, you will return to the www.ed2go.com/ftcc home page, and click on the “"Classroom”" link to access your course or courses.


Computer Requirements

Internet access
One of the following browsers: 

Mozilla Firefox

Microsoft Internet Explorer (9.0 or above) 

Google Chrome


Microsoft Word
Adobe PDF  plug-in (a free download obtained at Adobe.com .)


Adobe Flash Pro CS6 Windows or Adobe Flash Pro CS6 Mac or any Adobe Creative Suite bundle containing Adobe Flash CS6 are all acceptable (software must be installed and fully operational before the course begins); student discounts are available through specific schools; Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8, or Mac OS 10.x.