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MyCAA Career Training Courses

ed2go has partnered with the National Institute of Building Inspectors (NIBI) to bring you this program. NIBI was established in 1987 to provide educational programs, occupational training, and technical support for the home inspection and construction industries. NIBI offers classroom training programs, special seminars, field training, and education programs.

The Home Inspection Online Training Program covers the major elements of a house and the principal issues and components of a home inspection. All lessons start with detailed information on residential construction, including basic building design and construction materials and practices. The focus is on home inspection, including standards of practice, defects recognition, inspection guidelines, and reporting methodologies. Each module also includes appendices containing extensive glossaries, reference articles, inspection procedure lists, and common defect lists.

Each learning unit is independently formatted, so you can take the program in any order desired, or switch between modules. In addition to passing assessments, you must complete all core sections of the program to receive full credit.

You can take this program no matter what state you live in, but please note that some states have home inspector licensing or registration laws that require a classroom component. Please click here to view to the list of states with these requirements.. This online program may not meet the educational requirements in these states; however, in some cases, states waive classroom requirements for applicants with certain home inspection expertise or other related experiences or licenses. Be sure to consult your particular state home inspection regulatory board for specific information.

The individual modules of the Home Inspection Online Training Program have received credits or approval from various organization and governmental entities. The American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI), the National Association of Home Inspectors (NAHI), the California Real Estate Inspectors Associations (CREIA), and 15 governmental agencies and other organizations have approved membership renewal credits or continuing education credits for portions of this program.

This program is compatible with the Windows XP and later operating systems and IE 7 and later browsers.

Minimum Hardware and Software Specifications:
PC (133 Mhz or better)
16 MB RAM (32 MB recommended)
Some features of the program may not work properly on a Macintosh/Apple computer system.

You'll receive printed copies of core lessons for the program. You'll also receive additional texts or CD/DVD reference materials to assist with or supplement the program. You're welcome to print out all of the online program material for future reference. Materials will be shipped via UPS ground service, or similar, upon registration.

You'll need only basic computer skills to navigate the program. All instructions for the using the program are provided.

There are no specific prerequisites for this program, but the more knowledge of residential construction that you have, the more quickly you’re likely to complete the program. This program is for you if you’re contemplating a career in home inspections. It’s also beneficial for those involved in residential appraisals, residential construction, or related businesses.


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April 3, 2018 $2,295.00
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